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All Genres: Horror | Mystery   Release Date: 29 March 2012 Run Time: 94 min Country: Indonesia Languages: Indonesia Quality: DVD Subtitle:Director: Harvan Agustriansyah Writer: Harvan Agustriansyah Stars: Luna Maya, Dion Wiyoko, Sigi Wimala, Ichi Nuraini, Poppy Sovia, Tara Basro, Bella Esperance, Kriss Hatta, Imelda, Maya Otos,Egi Fedly, Totos Rasiti, Aelke Mariska, Adrian Aliman, Fitrie Rachmadhina, Pipien Putri, Jennye Awuy, Tumpal Tampubolon, Otiq Pakis Hi5teria (2012) Full Movie Story Line:  Puppet Koelit ( Chairun Nissa and Adi Baskoro ) Tells the story of an American journalist on the job doing a story on a puppet show . The journalists kiss there is something odd with the puppet show that all of its members are women . Afterwards , he then experienced many mystical events that terrorized him . He did not realize he was in a trap , which is not known by whom stocked . Market Satan ( Adriyanto Dewo ) A woman searching for her lover who has three days lost in a forest . Search the women then helped a climber who had just met . Surprisingly , they just spin in the same place for days . At nightfall , the forest turned into crowded with voices and strange sightings . Strangeness becomes more complicated , when in one morning , the woman lost hikers find the face of the earth tub . Music Box ( Billy Christian and Adi Baskoro ) Farah , a young scientist , very modern and very superstitious believe . He always demanded a scientific explanation of the strange phenomenon . An incident changed everything . A terrible supernatural force threatening . And there is no other choice for Farah to believe . Counters ( Harvan Agustriansyah ) An event experienced by a guard booth at a mall . Initially the guard booth witnessed the emergence of a small boy crying while knocking loketnya . Not unexpectedly , that the children of the guard booth leads to a vicious murder was going on and then also threatened his life . Palasik ( Nicho Yudifar ) Aepasang husband – wife and son were enjoying a holiday with a stay in a villa located in a small town in West Sumatra . Ideally provide holiday happiness , this time into a nightmare when they are terrorized by the appearance of a head stump , with no body

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