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Kawin Kontrak lagi (2008) Full Movie

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Watch Kawin Kontrak lagi (2008) Full Movie

All Genres: Comedy Release Date: 20 November 2008 Run Time: 97 min Country: Indonesia Languages: Indonesia Quality: DVD Subtitle:Director: Ody C. Harahap Writer: Ody C. Harahap, Joko Nugroho Stars: Ricky Harun, Lukman Sardi, Wiwid Gunawan Kawin Kontrak lagi (2008) Full Movie Story Line:  Jody has now shifted course . Itself into a playboy among the campus community and become role models for three virgin campus , which Fredo , Justice , and Menfo . Thirdly always try to follow the ways of Jody in the exercise of his love life , but were less successful . Done a lecture , Jody got a call from his mother saying that Jody ‘s father is trapped corruption cases . It made Jody has no assets and had mengekos at small cost housing near campus . Dika best friendnya and Rama in the first movie was happy . Dika was still angry with her ​​boyfriend Jody grab , while Rama and Jesus married and moved to Australia . However, they gave a ” final contribution ” for Jody . When Jody angkot ride , he knew that the driver is Kang Sono angkotnya . Kang Sono had to continue living as a driver angkot after Village Sukasararean digrebek for mating effort undertaken contract . And a phone call from the Tea Euis , says Jody should Pakelonan to accompany him to the village . Kang Sono went there first, it highlights the purpose of mating contract to Serve Women’s Foundation leadership Singagaung Enchantment , Maung , which apply to the whole system of military women be removed. After the deal happen , Jody , Fredo , Justice , and Merfo go to Village Pekalonan to marry contract . There, apparently diverse women served . Fredo choose Viva , a girl dancer . Judges choose Kokom , a girl carefully. And Menfo choose Sassi , a virgin . Nights spent Fredo and Justice by getting extortion money since it is always billed . Meanwhile Menfo suffering from premature ejaculation , given the time by Sassi to fix it . When the man could not pay , then they will be given Barandot , a wild creature that is stored under the ground with human food , pet Maung Barandot is . Fredo and Justice finally go ahead leave the village because it does not hold. As it turned out Menfo love Sassi was sold by her parents for a loan to pay off her parents to Maung . The situation became tense Sassi obscure and strange hiding in the middle of Tea Euis pregnant . Tea Euis now live to be a salon manager with ” guilt cravings ” it , that is the Jody . Sassipun finally captured for women who are sent into prostitution in Jakarta . While Kang Sono considered a new business foundation Maung , given the department as a supplier of women to Jakarta previously held by Fachri , criminals who torment Village Sukasararean . Because less move slightly , Kang Sonopun receive it. On the women had sent to Jakarta controlled by Sus Miranda, Tea Euis , Kang Sono , Jody , and Jody ‘s boyfriend who comes , Giselle , helping to free the woman. Thanks to trick pregnant Euis Tea , Kang Sono , Jody , and Giselle logged in successfully. Giselle and Jody went to the completions uniforms and smite them , and entering a caterpillar . While Kang Sono go find Sassi and Menfo that follow are held together because it was considered helpful kaburnya Sassi Sassi . Then , when the submission is accepted by Maung Kloter women , all women are itching for caterpillars and running . Jeng Miranda assume Kloter failed , but still keep the Sassi . Sassi , Menfo , Kang Sono , Giselle and Jody who want to blur caught by the son of Maung . Except Sassi , others will be sacrificed in detail to Barandot . Then , Tea Euis came with a small dagger that he received from a grandmother who turns out to provide strength , destroy all the children of Maung Maung and in a moment. It was the policy masquerading as citizens to express identity and lunge Maung and his entourage. Film ends with Judge Menfo back from the city and out of the hole and successfully membunuhnya.Lalu Barandot Tea Euis birth and said that he was the son of Kang Sono and Jody , the fact his Euis Tea twins and both are similar to Abuba , that when it is said by Tea Euis been castrated .

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