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Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

Ketika cinta bertasbih    

N/A 120 min DramaFilm Indonesia 2009Indo-DramaIndonesia Movies

IMDB: 6.1/10 138 votes

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 ” I also have principles . Principle of life . Principle of my life I was based on Islam . Because I am most confident with the teachings of Islam . Among the teachings of Islam that I believe is the doctrine of maintaining purity . Purity of birth and inner purity . Why in the books Jurisprudence first lesson for sure about thaharah . on purification . Muslims is that always keep kesuciar and unseen . among purity chastity is guarded by the Islamic sanctity of the relationship between men and women . Muslims did not allow no intimate contact between men and women unless it is a legitimate spouses . Dan French style kiss it for me has included kalegori very intimate touch . thing in Islam should not be done except by the couple . ‘s for the sake of maintaining purity . Purity of men and women .. ” When I say that if I do get the kiss with a woman who is not lawful for me , then I have been desecrating the sanctity of my own , and desecrating the sanctity of the woman . And that for me is an enormous disaster . Sanctity lips I ‘ve lost my . not only that , I also lost the sanctity of my soul . souls I have been defiled by sin that somehow how to remove it . If this dirty lips lipstick can be cleaned by water or other hearing . , but if contaminated by lips that are not kosher , not dirty look how to clean it . Though could beristighfar , ask forgiveness of Allah ‘s still been a dirty mouth , once tarnished , never committed a disgusting sin . I do not want to do that . chastity I want to keep myself entirely . sanctity I would like to present this to the My wife later . Let he who touched it first . Biar he would perfume the body and soul with touches that will be rewarded. ” ” That is the principle that believers believe . Maybe I would say stodgy young man . Primitive Youth . Youth plebeian . Youth do not know the development and so forth . , But I do not care . I’m happy with what I believe to be the truth . And I ‘m sure Miss Eliana who had studied the country that exalts freedom of speech that would be appreciated in my opinion . “

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