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Nakalnya Anak Muda (2010)

Film Indonesia 2010HorrorIndo-HorrorIndo-ThrillerIndonesia MoviesThriller

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Nakalnya Anak Muda (2010) Synopsis Andien was thrown into a waterfall. Andien housemates, Renata confusion over the disappearance of his friend. But it turns out he’s not dead. Andien helped by someone grandfathers black-robed, bearded and skull scepter. Feel sympathy with the fate Andien, after Andien healthy grandfather taught martial arts and magic. Like a demon, Andien turned into magic. Andien felt it was time for revenge. Andien went home. Renata began to gradually calm and happy. Renata Andien invited to join a party again. At the party Andien acquainted with Dicky and Renata, Andra, Pay and Reno are invited Andien and Renata for a vacation to a villa owned by his grandfather Andra. And they agreed. Poorer four guys that were ever raped Andien. Andien they do not recognize, because when raped Andien still using the mask. Prior to the villa they have to pass through the forests and wate rfalls. Villa are old enough to make Renata feel weird and invite Andien to stay at the hotel. But Andien ensure Renata for an occasional stay in a place like this does not hurt. Andien become so strong that berjashujan killer raised his victims. In the same waterfall where Andien in waste, one of the rapists died horribly. Only Renata, Andra and Dick who survived with the help of other people and they were taken to the police station to ask for help finding missing his friends in the forest. But Dicky was also not spared from the target of death. This movie should really watch teen who is old enough. In addition to the many scenes of semi-open, this film gives a dark picture of a young child. As the title suggests, delinquency like dancing while drunk, dressed in super open, to put an end to problems with the kill is not a good example. Indeed, sometimes we have to learn from mistakes, but if a mistake was not realizing it would be fatal Watch The Full Movie Here

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