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Sang Kiai (2013)

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All Genres: Drama

Release Date: 30 Mei 2013

Run Time: 136 min

Country: Indonesia

Languages: Indonesia

Quality: DVD


Director: Rako Prijanto

Writer: Anggoro Saronto

Stars: Ikranagara, Adipati Dolken, Agus Kuncoro Adi, Dayat Simbaia, Christine Hakim, Boy Permana

Sang Kiai (2013) Full Movie Story Line: 

Japan in 1942 to expand into Indonesia . In East Java , some of the few boarding KH arrested for resisting . KH Hasyim as head of Pondok Pesantren Tebu Ireng arrested for being against Japan . Arrest made ​​in Cane Ireng unrest , and the reaction of his sons ; KH Wahid Hasyim , Karim Yusuf Hashim and Hashim and a row of the students : Baidlowi ( his son in law ) , Kang Solichin , confidant , and three young students ; Aaron , Kamid and Abdi .

The arrests were made ​​the situation chaotic boarding . Maisyaroh – more often called Kapu – wife Nyai KH Hasyim , evacuated to Denaran area . KH Wahid Hasyim with Wahab Hasbullah requested that KH Hasyim released . Kempetei holding his head , not willing to liberate . KH Hasyim moved even imprisonment up to three times . Starting from prison Jombang , Mojokerto to Surabaya Bubutan jail . KH Wahid Hasyim and KH Wahab Hasbullah ago asking for help Abdul Hamid Ono , a Japanese, a family acquaintance . While the process takes place , KH Wahid Hasyim and KH Wahab Hasbullah NU held a meeting in Jakarta , with the agenda of freeing the Kiai . During the meeting an agreement was reached way of peace .

After the death of KH Hasyim , most students choose to pull out of boarding school . Aaron and trailed Kamid KH Hasyim when arrested , suffered a tragic fate . Kamid shot dead , when caught by the Japanese army patrol . Kamid death and the arrest of KH Hasyim raises anger in Aaron . In contrast to Abdi who choose the path of peace following the steps KH Wahid Hasyim , Aaron opt the militants in the Japanese army rations steal .

Japan freed the Kiai , including KH Hasyim . They consider that the release of the Kiai so cooperative. Japan even sat as chairman KH Hasyim Masjumi ( Indonesian Muslim Shura Council ) . Because not domiciled in Jakarta , KH Hasyim delegated the authority to KH Wahid Hasyim . He chose to settle in Sugarcane Ireng .

Through Masjumi Japan asking people to double crops , even through lectures in mosques . Shumubu ( religious affairs ) led by Husein Djajadingrat and officials Shumubu , Wirohadjono through the media ” Muslim Voices ” ask Masjumi that cite verses in the collection of the earth moving . Tensions between Masjumi and Shumubu started .

Aaron questioned it at KH Hasyim . He felt Masjumi favor of the Japanese . KH Hasyim said that Masjumi only in favor of fair magistrates . Aaron was disappointed and out of the scope of the boarding school . Abdi who knows it prevents . According to him , Aaron could not read the plan KH Hasyim . But Aaron is determined to go from there .

Japan later confirmed KH Hasyim as chairman and chief Shumubu Masjumi . KH Hasyim receive consideration for positions with the struggling passing . He could resist the command of the students entering Heiho , even formed ranks of Hezbollah .

Japan started having lost the war , but to restore sovereignty to the Allies . Envoy of President Sukarno facing KH Hasyim . Message of President Sukarno was a matter of law to defend the homeland . A dispute resolution Jihad in Surabaya . The Students preparing for jihad . At this point , Aaron began to open his eyes . This event is the death of Mallaby beginning 10 November 1945 devastating war involving the people , various youth ranks and Hezbollah paramilitary formations KH Hasyim consisting of the students .

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