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Seandainya (2012) Full Movie

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Seandainya (2012) Full Movie

All Genres: Drama, Rommance Release Date: 23 February 2012 Run Time: 79 min Country: Indonesia Languages: Indonesia Quality: DVD Subtitle:Director:  GOPE T. SAMTANI Writer: Anggoro Saronto Stars: Dinda Hauw, Chris Laurent, Cut Meyriska, Rendy Kjaernett, Krisna M Wibowo Seandainya (2012) Full Movie Story Line:  Teach someone to love silence . And the other one taught to love the sound . And love becomes complete so … LOVE living in silence with PAPA , deaf and dumb father . Their conversation is sign language . Their relationship is very close . Everything went normally , until the person in life … Love arcane . Love Papa was changed after Arkana , and assume Arkana hádala delinquent child . Love Papa prohibits dealing with Arkana . But as Love , is increasingly becoming increasingly prohibited . Love and Arkana was backstreet Until finally Papa knows that love to keep in touch with Arkana . Papa is very angry . And his anger has reached its peak ; Papa did not want to know anymore about Love . Love the conditions worsened . Papa took her up to see a doctor . Not unexpectedly , Love turns pain . Leukaemia . In the state of daddy guilt and pain , Love decided to stay away from Arkana … Arkana feel there are hidden love . Until he secretly follow Love and minor accidents … Not unexpectedly , Papa ” bless ” Love to make friends again with Arkana . Papa gave her blessing to feel love , because love does not feel the age long enough to understand what was the meaning of love . Love and Relationships Papa Arkana improved . Even Papa ill informed about Love at Arkana . But in front of Love , Love Arkana behave as if only a mild illness . Arkana not treat love like a sick person . Although behind Love , Arkana can not cover the pain and fear of being left Love . Exactly the night before surgery with the risk of complications and lead to death , maybe that night , they both last night . And no one should go . But even if someone goes , someone who left , never really feel alone . Because they are taught the meaning of love , mutually reinforcing , if everyone had to come to terms with the fear … …

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