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Tri Mas Getir (2008)

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All Genres: Comedy Release Date: 03 Juli 2008 Run Time: 99 min Country: Indonesia Languages: Indonesia Quality: DVD Subtitle:Director: Rako Prijanto Writer: Rako Prijanto Stars: Tora Sudiro, Indra Birowo, Vincent Club 80’s, Titi Kamal, Robby Tumewu, Tino Saroengallo, Cut Mini Theo, Emmy Lemu Tri Mas Getir (2008) Full Movie Story Line:  Ciang Pack ( Tora Sudiro ) still lives with engkongnya undertaking teaching kung fu / wushu . Sugeng ( Indra Birowo ) mempunya fat wife Susi ( Emmy Lemu ) . Ujang ( Vincent Club 80 ‘s ) , the son of a successful businessman diner and had a dream to marry Katrina Katrodipuro ( Titi Kamal ) , famous movie star . The three friends work as extras and very idolized Katrina. One day engkong Pack Ciang died. At night his funeral, came a mafia kingpin named Munar Sapawi ( Tino Saroengallo ) who want to charge as much as 200 million Engkong debt and threatened to seize the teaching wushu when unable to pay off the debts. Because of despair, Sugeng propose a solution that is ridiculous and stupid : Katrina kidnapping . To carry out his plan , Sugeng back to Munar Sapawi borrow money to buy the necessary equipment . But they were wrong kidnapping . They kidnap is Fatima ( Cut Mini ) , a movie star whose name is already fading. Rice is so mush . This trio will ask for ransom to Star Joni ( Robby Tumewu ) the producer , to redeem Fatima . And it turns out the Star Joni rejected because Fatima is not executable .

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